Jag är invanderar…

May 15, 2009

Hur gick detta till?

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How did this all come about?

A great question, and a long story with nuance that no blog-post will ever do justice. Though in short I have lived here in Sweden on other occasions.

I first came here in 1999 for work and this is when I met my ex-wife.  In 2000, I came back to the US, and my then fiancé shortly followed.  In 2003 we had a child together. In 2005 we decided to move back to Sweden to raise our child there.  At the end of 2005 we decided to divorce. I have visited with our son many  times in the 4 years since his mother and I split up.

I moved back to cultivate a relationship with my son, something that was although possible from 10000KM away much less difficult from 100km.

I am no  stranger to Sweden, and Swedish culture, yet I can see clearly how foreign I am to many Swedes.

For example, yesterday I was taking the train back from my job to where I am living temporarily.  I am currently reading Neal Stephenson’s Anathem and the 18 years old-ish girl sitting next to me was trying to read it. To practice her English with my book.  She was far too shy with her spoken English to speak to me, though she was absolutely curious. In my broken swedish we managed to share a few nice words about nothing in particular before my stop.

Over the years I have been the first American many have met, and will likely ever meet.  The novelty is all theirs.

Jag är invanderar och lite nyhetens.

I am a foreigner and a little bit of a novelty.


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