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May 20, 2009

Jag har ninton års erfarenhet av jobbet.

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The job search is discouraging at best.

I have 19 years experience on the job I work in IT, IP Networking, Information Security, and Operations. I have authored patents, taken a company to Initial Public Offering, sold off a few others to the titans of the industry. I have worked with a variety of compelling technologies and some of the industry’s best and brightest people.

In the US I have a great resume, ironically now that I am here, I receive messages from recruiters in the US seeking my expertise on a daily basis. Here in Sweden I don’t even receive notes acknowledging receipt of my application, let alone rejection letters.

I have been steadily applying to a minimum of 3 jobs per day for the past 7 weeks and I have managed to land one set of interviews with one company. This is, in its best case a 0.6% success rate.

My construction job is 25 hours a week at most, not nearly enough to survive on. Today I will go to look at a couple of apartments, and drop my resume off at a few bars, bookstores, restaurants, and a couple of IT consulting firms in the area in which I hope to move to. Perhaps I can find an “extrajobb” and work two jobs while I go to school and get my Swedish Fluency Certificate.

In addition to all of this, I really need to stop reading threads like this one at thelocal.se. The bile, and vitriol coming from those who have spent years here unsuccessfully obtaining work is an absolute morale destroyer and I shan’t fall into the same mental pit of despair that they have. It would seem that sometimes ignorance of others experience keep the cogs lubricated and morale up…

Jag har ninton års erfarenhet av jobbet, och någonstans i Sverige det är en jobbar för mig.


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