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May 27, 2009

En förhör för en fin jobb…

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Today I had an interview for a very fine job. The position is of tier 1 support at an organization whom out of respect for and their mission will remain nameless. However, the role is interesting, and directly is in line with my career in IT and not a low paying, part-time, manual labor type job which is all I can seem to obtain at this moment here in Sweden.

The interview was conducted in English, thankfully, yet that is the language of the work culture and presumably I will be working with many fellow Americans on this job. Throughout the interview I was asked repeatedly why I was choosing to take a role lesser to those that I have held previously. I drew some amusement from this line of inquiry, though, a job is a job, and a job at this particular organization is helping and serving in a way that had never occurred to me until I read their job advertisement. I hope to earn the role, I think that it will provide growth and opportunity unparalleled to my experiences.

It is predominantly a nine to five thing and much more hands on than my previous titles would indicate, though it is nothing I cannot do with excellence. Yet the job is such that it is in line with my personal life goals: To spend more time with my son.

I think Voltaire said it best “a man should live to work, not work to live.” Despite my nearly 20 years performing the nearly impossible at numerous start-up organizations for 80+ hours per week, I have mixed feelings about taking a step back and let younger entrepreneurs take their swings at the plate.

A very good friend an half of the namesake of my son, Al Lachner once said to me “you won’t think about the jobs you have held on your deathbed, but you will think about your family.” He is right, a job is a job. Family is everything.

I am optimistic about this job, though cautiously so, because the vibe I received was that I was overqualified for the role, to wit I think that I am ready and possess the humility and humbleness to serve in the capacity I just interviewed for, even if it is for a “lesser role”.

With regards to the rest of the job search, I have received 3 more rejection letters and no other interviews. This brings my interview rate up to 0.9% and my rejection rate up to 6.9% out of all of the jobs I have applied for. The remainder of my applications are out floating in the ether without receipt, rejection, or acknowledgment. Perhaps there is a business opportunity here; automating the application acknowledgment and rejection process in a culture famous for not handling either so well…

This afternoon I will go and look at more apartments, and this evening take yet another test for my Svenska For Invanderar placement. Tonight I test on Swedish Grammar and Spelling.



  1. *positive vibes and thoughts sent your way*

    Comment by Meredith — May 27, 2009 @ 3:47 pm

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